balma gramont

Toulouse, France

85 housing
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This housing complex is located in the Balma Gramont priority development zone, a new eco-district a few kilometres away from the centre of Toulouse that is intended as “a high-quality, innovative and environmentally sound response to support the expansion of the metropolitan area”.

The long and narrow complex comprises six low-energy buildings: a tall building at both ends, and two low-rise buildings and two individual houses in the centre.

The central area has a garden planted with local trees and is edged by private terraces.

Location Toulouse, France, Zac Balma Gramont, Ilot A5c
Client Flogui Promotion
Architects Nicolas Laisné, Christophe Rousselle
Project Manager Dimitri Roussel
Team Carlos Andres Hurtado, Francesca Frigau
Surface 7 500 sqm Shab
Budget 10,35 € M H.T

Energy Performance BBC
Landscape Designer Bernard Lacointa
Engineering Ids, Technisphere
Photos Cyrille Weiner
Status Built may 2013
Prix au m² 1 380 € sqm Shab 

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