haut dehors

Paris, France

Haut Dehors is an art installation jointly created by architects Nicolas Laisné and Dimitri Roussel and artists Cyrille Weiner and Elvire Bonduelle. The installation coincides with the launch of the special edition of Archistorm devoted to Nicolas Laisné Associés (the former practice of Nicolas Laisné). The large-scale architectural model features a series of plateaux that reveal an inspired design.

The wooden structure provides a home to generous and warm vegetation. A mirror duplicates the effect and reflects it towards the sky, providing an urban photograph and two sculptures with flowing lines. It appears to float in mid-air, creating a surprising space between the earth and the sky.

Installation laisné roussel
Photos Cyrille Weiner

Sculptures Elvire Bonduelle
Flowers Bleuet Coquelicot


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