le pavillon des fleurs

Biennale d'architecture de lyon 2017, France

The Flower Pavilionas the entrance ofthe first edition ofthe Biennial of Architecture of Lyon

Designed as a playful installation, the Pavilion disrupts the boundaries between inside and outside, between architecture and nature. This exploratory structure is a vision for what could be tomorrow’s architecture.

The double spiral staircase invites the visitor to wander vertically in a fruity and flowery garden and provides access to the belvedere where one can contemplate the surroundings.

The Flower Pavilion was created within the scope of the project “Habiter” together with Michel Philippon. A strong collaboration with M-Tech (Marchegay), a pioneer company in greenhouse technologies allowed the team to create a sustainable and cost-efficient structure.

Event BLyon Architecture Biennial
Architects Nicolas Laisné, Dimitri Roussel
Team Julie Siol, Victor Deplus
Sponsor Pitch Promotion

Partners Marchegay,
Pictures Giaime Meloni
Height 11,90 m
Status Exhibition June 2017

l’atelier de l’arsenal

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