rives du bohrie

Toulouse, France

36 social

This building is located in a new neighbourhood on the banks of the Bohrie in Ostwald near Strasbourg. It includes 36 flats which systematically enjoy two outward-facing fronts and generous outside spaces.

Each apartment is extended by two types of balcony. The first are open and allow residents to make the most of the sky. The second are covered and protected by light trellised screens which dissect the facades.

Client Habitat de l’Ill
Architects Nicolas Laisné
Project Manager Dimitri Roussel
Team Nathalie Fournier, Nikolaj Maksimenko, Barbara Martin, Nika Taubinsky, Margaux Desombre
Engineering Egis Strasbourg

Energy Performance RT 2012
Photos Cyrille Weiner
Surface 2 460 sqm
Budget 3,1 M € Ex-Tax
Prix m² 1 260 sqm
Statut Built June 2015


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