marseille salvator

Marseille, Franc

21 300 sqm housing and activities complex

This property development fits perfectly with the urban space of Marseille. The permeability of block and the planning of interstitial spaces will enable inhabitants of the neighbourhood to take the public space over. Vegetalized roofs and shared terraces will permit to residents to meet up and enjoy the outside.

Depending on condominiums, balconies are designed whether to protect from the mistral or from the sun.

Client Vinci Immobilier, Coffim
Architects Nicolas Laisné, Dimitri Roussel
Project Manager Louis Bauchet
Team Cécile Bleux, Alberto Maria Ficele, Quentin Delépine
Landscape Designer Moz Paysage
Environmental Engineering Franck Boutté Consultants

Perspective Jeremy Djaffer, Tamas Fisher
Budget 26 M € Ex-Tax
Surface 21 300 sqm
Environmental Approach RT 2012
Price per sqm 1 350 €
Status Construction permit


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