Nanterre-La Défense, France

Wooden office campus


The Arboretum provides a new way of working and conducting business. Firmly focused on environmental quality and integration of new ways of working, the Arboretum will be the largest project ever built from solid wood, worldwide.


Construction for this project is set to start in 2018, with the objective of transforming an industrial wasteland into a 126,000 m² campus set in 9 hectares of parkland next to the Seine. The project takes place close to the financial district of Paris-La Défense.


The materials, the construction method, and the use and development of the buildings have all been designed with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout the life of the campus and maximising its resilience. Use of bio-sourced materials, bioclimatic design and generation of renewable (photovoltaic and geothermal) energy make this site a true model of sustainable development, thus marking a new stage in the ecological transition.


The Arboretum layout is based on a simple principle: each office has a direct relationship to the site’s landscaping. This relationship is reflected in the treatment of the open spaces. An “add-on space” creates a link between the work and landscape spaces: there are genuine outside terraces as a direct extension of the offices likely to offer opportunity for additional uses.


The buildings are designed in wood structure: CLT slab and glued laminated timber posts and beams.


A large common service area is proposed in the main building as well as in the rehabilitated buildings to give meaning to the life of the Arboretum campus. This project is an opportunity to develop a particular know-how: “an urbanism of work”.

On going
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Client — WO2, BNP Paribas Real Estate.
Architects — Nicolas Laisné Architectes, DREAM, Leclercq Associés.
Project Manager — Sophie Darras.
Landscape Designer — BASE.
Structure Engineeringe — Terrell.
MEP — Barbanel.
Perspectives — Virgin Lemon and Weiss Images.
Surface — 126 000 sqm.
Environmental approach — HQE, label Effinergie +, BREEAM 2016 Excellent, label BBCA, label CIBI-biodivercity.
Status — Under construction.