Marseille Salvator

Marseille, France

The 369-unit development, designed on behalf of Vinci Immobilier and Coffim, includes shops, a senior residence, a student residence, social housing and housing units for first-time buyers.


Thanks to the integration of greenery into the built fabric, the suburban fabric is a continuation of the park designed by Gilles Clément. Despite its size, the project maintains a human scale due to the division and organisation of the volumes.

On going

Location — Salvator hospital district, Marseille - France
Clients — Vinci Immobilier, Coffim
Architects — Nicolas Laisné Architectes, Dream
Landscape designer — MOZ Paysage
Structure engineering — André Verdier
Fluids and thermal — G2i
Roads and other networks — CEC Wrd
Images : +imgs Surface area : 20 095 sqm
Cost — 26 M€ ex. tax.
Environmental approach — RT 2012
Status — Completed in 2023 (phase 1)