Bagneux, France

This 6-storey project consists of 85 dwellings distributed in three buildings which are articulated by intermediary partitions. The basement, the first floor and the distributing cores will be built from concrete, while the upper floors will be built from CLT wood structure.


The base of the first floor will be covered with a matricated concrete cladding, while the rest of the facades will be covered with clear corrugated sheets in iridescent and stainless steel. A curved lattice beam structure will create large rounded bands forming the rhythm of the street façade. The attic will be topped by a metal pergola made of wooden slats.

On going

Location — Bagneux, France
Client — Woodeum
Architect — Nicolas Laisné Architectes
Execution architect — Innovia
Team — Nicolas Henry, Sophie Darras
Landscape designer — Endroits en vert
Wooden structure — Sylva Conseil
Concrete structure — Mo Ingénierie
Fluids and thermal — Berim
Acoustics — Aïda Acoustique
Sustainable development — Milieu Studio
Construction economics — Brogat Associés
Surface area — 5 700 sqm
Cost — 11,5 M€ ex. tax.
Environmental approach — Wooden construction, BBCA
Status — Construction in progress