Les Groues

Nanterre, France

This former craft and industrial district is the subject of an urban redevelopment project led by the Güller-Güller project management agency and commissioned by the Paris-La-Défense developer.


The real estate project is located on the FOCD block of the ZAC des Groues. Facing the future Grand Paris “Nanterre-la-Folie” station, the project is a gateway to the future Les Groues district.


The urban project of the ZAC des Groues aims to open up this former industrial and artisanal fabric by proposing open blocks with a mixed programme of housing, offices and activities.


Visible from the Hébert and Arago bridges, the operation has a strong and elegant architectural identity in keeping with the “spirit of the ZAC des Groues” and paying tribute to the industrial and artisanal heritage of the area.


Developing a significant linear programme along the future Balcony, the project constitutes a real urban, architectural and landscape showcase for the renewal of Les Groues.


Divided into three lots, the operation presents visual and physical porosities allowing the crossing of the parcel from North to South and from East to West.

On going

Location — Îlot FO-CD, ZAC Les Groues, Nanterre, France
Client — SCCV Nanterre FOCD 92, Panhard Groupe, Bricqueville
Coordinator Architect — Nicolas Laisné Architectes
Architects — FO-CD1 lot : Nicolas Laisné Architectes, FO-CD2 lot : A26 Architectures / Bécardmap, FO-CD3 lot : Aqma Architectes
Project manager — Antoine Buton
Team — Marie-Laure Coste, Marina Aristondo, Marina Breka
Landscape designer — Studio Mugo
Structure — Khephren
Fluids — AB Environnement
Acoustics, vibratory — AVLS
Economics — Mazet & Associés
Sustainable devlopment — Le Sommer Environnement
Electricity, structure (FO-CD2 lot) — Berim
Facade — Bollinger+Grohmann
Fluids, air conditioning (FO-CD2 lot) — B27
Fire safety system — Ingetech
3D — 1601 Studio + Virgin Lemon
Surfaces — FO-CD1 lot : 6 673 sqm + 5 910 sqm (infra), FO-CD2 lot : 10 622 sqm, FO-CD3 lot : 6 046 sqm
Budgets Ex-Tax — 58 534 824 € (off VRD and landscape), FO-CD1 : 22 104 865 €, FO-CD2 : 25 036 951 €, FO-CD3 : 11 393 008 €
Price per sqm — FO-CD1 : 1 756 €/ sqm, FO-CD2 : 2 357 €/ sqm, FO-CD3 : 1 884 €/ sqm
Environmental approach — Bbio -30%, Breeam "very good" level , Certification NF HQE Habitat, Biosourced building level 1
Status — Construction in progress