BÈGLES, France

Hotel accommodation providing services to seniors

The project, located at the very edge of the town of Bègles, will see the construction of a hotel offering 4 101 sqm of floor space.

The park, situated at the east, makes this the ideal location for the construction. A green route runs through the centre of the plot, linking up to the gardens of the future buildings as a continuation of the pedestrian walkway and allowing an easy access to the surrounding areas.

Client Véalis Développement
Architects laisné roussel
Project Manager Julie Siol
Team Mirella Verdes Montenegro, Mickaël Hassen, Cécile Bleux
Engineering Structure Cobet

Landscape Designer B&JN Tournier
Heating BG6
Surface 4 101 sqm
Budget 4,5 M € HT
Status Built November 2017

rue rebière

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