Les Lignes

Sète, France

Located at the foot of Mount Saint Clair and overlooking the Thau pond, “Les Lignes” is set on a privileged site. In the heart of a green setting, in continuity with the built front on the boulevard, this “undergrowth” constitutes an island of coolness in summer.


Thanks to a set of terraces, the project, in R+5, manages to fit into the surrounding urban fabric without distorting it. The layout of the slabs creates a vibration and lightens the whole.


Walkways unify and federate the project. In order to avoid an addition of independent blocks, some inhabited footbridges, like hanging gardens, connect the buildings to each other and create a linear coherence to the project.


The project benefits from a double plant skin to cool the apartments. On the Mont Saint-Clair side, it protects from the sun and from views from the street and provides a support for climbing vegetation.

On going

Client — Promeo Patrimoine
Architect — Nicolas Laisné Architectes
Associated Architect — Rotunno Justman
Project manager — Mirella Verdes Montenegro
Team — Lucas Alezra, Olivia Siri, Hélène Vesin
Fluids and Thermics — Argetec
Control office — Socotec
Budget — 13 M€ Ex-Tax
Surface — 7 615 Sqm
Environmental approach — RT 2012
Status — Under construction