Naturellement chez soi


In light of the 2020 health crisis and major climatic upheavals, expectations of the French with regard to their housing and their environment have never been so high, and are more than just a societal trend; they reflect a growing concern for the environment.

Since Icade’s raison d’être is to design, build, manage and invest in places that are great to be in, we must respond quickly and practically to these major expectations.

In order to think at an early stage from the housing design phase, Icade’s operational, technical and innovational expertise is combined with the vision of Nicolas Laisné.

Whilst the quality of his architectural style is universally recognized, notably through the numerous major competitions he has won, Icade has particularly chosen to work with him since throughout his career, Nicolas Laisné has always shown a singular commitment to provide new responses to both changes in usage and the challenges of climate change.

From our shared reflections and this collaborative approach, our Raison d’être has evolved into a way of acting through two strong axes drawing a new living concept for our homes.

First of all, nature is good for you, it is a vector of well-being and we must preserve it at all costs. We will therefore integrate nature even more into the design of our homes, both on the inside and on the outside, whether in private or shared spaces.

Consulting Finished

Client — Icade Promotion, Icade Management
Architect — Nicolas Laisné Architectes
Project manager — Tristan Ponsot
Team — Thibaut Blondet
Status — Studies completed in 2021